Chilean Association of Walnut Growers and Exporters




Chilenut is the Chilean Trade Association of Walnut Growers and Exporters. Created in 2002, Chilenut is made up of member companies from the IV to the IX region, as well as consultants, plant nurseries and suppliers linked to the Chilean walnut industry.



Our mission is to ensure the sustainable development of the Chilean walnut industry, representing our member growers and exporters at a government level, before other trade associations and overseas. Chilenut is an effective promotional agent for opening new markets and growing consumption, providing timely, up-to-date information to boost development and share best practices related to product quality and innocuousness.


In order to achieve our goals, we act in accordance with the following principles:

a) Comply with all agreements that are reached.
b) Strict commitment to industry regulatory standards.
c) We act based on truth and transparency.
d) We hold the overall wellbeing of the industry above individual or group benefits.
e) We respect free and fair trade.



Our aim is to become a solid organization with a high level of representation, serving as a role model domestically and abroad, providing a guarantee for the quality and prestige of Chilean walnuts.

We will achieve our vision by strengthening best practices in production processes, promoting the robust technical skills of Chilean walnut growers and exporters, pooling knowledge and fostering the industry’s technical and commercial development as much as possible.


Edmundo Valderrama

Chairman of the Board

Mateo García

Superfruit Export

Matias Haeussler

Calbu Export

Juan Esteban Rodríguez

Growex Export

Nicolás Di Cosmo

Laderas del Maipo Farms

Alvaro Jimenez

Seminario Farms

Raimundo Arnaiz

Vista Volcán Farms

Rafael Bianchini

Don Antonio Farms


Agriculture Committee

Trade Committee

Marketing Committee

Information and Reports Committee

Quality Committee