The Chilean walnut industry has become the second biggest in exports to all the world and the third biggest producer, this implies many responsibilities and challenges that are better taken care of with unity, with the objective of pushing all the industry forward, so clear objectives are set and Chile positions as the best source of walnuts to the world.
What does it mean to be part of Chilenut?
Being part of Chilenut means participating with other people and companies in taking important decisions for the furture of Chilean walnuts, establishing objectives at local and international level to obtain the best results in quality and productivity at orchard and processing levels, and position Chilean walnuts as a reliable, healthy and premium product worldwide.
We invite every grower and exporter, who has an industry vision and that is looking for an organization that represents them and are willing to work together for the sustainable development of the Chilean walnut industry.

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How to join?

Being a member also means:

> Being represented at government, industry and international level.
> Access to technical/commercial information such as reports, updated industry data from both local and international sources.
> Information about markets and duties, constant update on export requirements and additional information such as trade agreements and benefits with destination markets.
> Participation in promotion activities both locally and internationally.
> Participation in technical seminars and outings. This includes regional seminars according to your region, answers to regiona related problems and experience sharing with others.
> Preferential acces to Exponut, the most important walnut event in all the southern hemipsphere.
> Access to exclsuive content.

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